Agriculture is Florida’s oldest and second-largest industry. It employs nearly 2 million Floridians and has a $120-billion economic impact annually. Agriculture has shaped much of Florida’s past and will also define our state’s future. Florida enjoys a vibrant agriculture community, but it is also a community that faces some real challenges, such as citrus greening, […]

Consumer Rights

For every meal interrupted by a telemarketer or fraudulent ploy perpetrated by fraudsters, consumers should know that laws are in place to help them avoid inconvenience and, in some cases, malicious efforts of bad actors to exploit them. Floridians should be kept abreast of the latest trends and efforts to stop them. They should also […]

Economic Growth & Tax Relief

There is an undeniable link between the private sector growth and the stagnation that occurs when government hovers overhead. The authority to tax should be used with great care, always with an eye toward reducing rates whenever possible. Taxes should not be a way to penalize prosperity, but to reasonably fund the core functions of […]

Freedom, Faith, & Family

Our state and nation are built on the knowledge that self-evident rights come from God, not from government. We know that strong families and a legacy of abiding faith make us a stronger and more cohesive society. The exceptionalism of our nation is reflected in these deeply held beliefs and respecting the rule of law.

Good Government & Less Regulation

Government works best when it has a small footprint in the lives of Floridians. Where government is necessary, it should be responsive and efficient. Given time and changes in leadership, faceless bureaucracies can often exist for their own sake, forgetting that service to the taxpayers and citizenry, is the core mission. Rules and regulations evolve […]


According to Florida’s Food Bank Network, approximately 1.1 million Florida children do not have consistent access to nutritious foods. Florida’s Farm to School program is one solution to this important problem. The program incorporates Florida fruits and vegetables into students’ diets and can be expanded further. Florida farmers grow dozens of delicious fruits and vegetables […]

The Second Amendment

From our nation’s founding, we have cherished self-governance. Our Founders understood that a well-armed citizenry offers the ultimate check on despots and government gone wrong. Even today, those Second Amendment rights are exercised by men and women of good will and character with the same noble purpose in mind.


Water is our most precious natural resource, and we need to take smart, science-based steps to solve our water supply and quality challenges. Cleaning waterways from the Everglades to Lake Okeechobee to the Indian River and our springs is an important priority for Florida’s future, as is ensuring a clean, abundant supply of fresh water […]