Denise Grimsley

Denise Grimsley is a proud mother, grandmother, and daughter of Florida’s Heartland. Her family has deep roots going back generations in Florida agriculture as cattle ranchers and citrus growers. To Denise, agriculture is the foundation of Florida’s economy; it’s our heritage and our way of life. That’s why it is critical we have strong leadership to confront the challenges facing this critical industry.

Denise is a strong Republican and committed supporter of the Second Amendment. She believes Florida is the best place in America to work, raise kids, and retire. And she will always work hard to improve the quality of life we all value.

Denise spent most of her career serving those in need as a registered nurse. Working in the Emergency Room taught her a few important lessons – serving others is our highest calling; shoot straight with folks; and don’t be afraid to make the tough calls to get the job done right.

When her dad became ill, Denise left nursing to run her family’s small business, and experienced the frustrations of government red tape and bureaucracy firsthand. Those frustrations and her commitment to serving others is what led Denise to serve in the Florida House and Senate.

Today, Denise serves as a hospital administrator, focusing on patient care, customer satisfaction, and fiscal responsibility. And she still works her family’s cows and mows their citrus groves.

Denise will bring her conservative, Heartland values and commitment to serving others to fight for our farmers, protect consumers and seniors, and defend our Second Amendment rights. Denise’s mission is to put people first, responsibly use your tax dollars, and meet the needs of Florida farmers.