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Saving Florida’s Heartland is a private, not-for-profit committee. In addition to other purposes permissible under Florida law, we work to identify and promote issues and candidates when it comes to:

  • strengthening the Florida agriculture industry,
  • improving and limiting government,
  • lowering tax burdens,
  • protecting Florida consumers, and
  • improving the quality of life in all Florida communities for all Floridians.

We want a marketplace where Florida’s family farmers and ranchers can thrive. There’s no reason we can’t be the most farmer-friendly state in the nation. When it comes to consumer rights, we want to ensure that fraud and scam artists think twice before preying on Floridians. We’re committed to reducing the overreach of the administrative powers that disrupt economic prosperity and private property rights.

To achieve these goals, the Saving Florida’s Heartland Committee is authorized, subject to applicable state law, to solicit and accept voluntary contributions, to expend such contributions to further the support and election of candidates for elective public office in Florida whose views, voting records, or positions indicate a favorable orientation toward some or all of these purposes, and to do such other things consistent with the foregoing and with Florida law.

The Saving Florida’s Heartland Committee is also empowered to make contributions, within limits approved by Florida law, to candidates and other committees supporting candidates or issues in the State of Florida. All contributions and expenditures are accessible by the public via this website.

The time for conservative reforms that reflect our shared values is now. Got ideas for better, smaller government? We’d like to hear them!


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Denise Grimsley is a proud mother, grandmother, and daughter of Florida’s Heartland. Her family has deep roots going back generations in Florida agriculture as cattle ranchers and citrus growers. To Denise, agriculture is the foundation of Florida’s economy; it’s our heritage and our way of life. That’s why it is critical we have strong leadership to confront the challenges facing this critical industry.