Purpose & Mission

Saving Florida’s Heartland is a private, not-for-profit committee with an emphasis on identifying and promoting candidates and issues related to improving rural healthcare, protecting the agriculture industry, limiting government and lowering taxes, or any other purpose permissible under law.

To achieve these goals, the Committee is authorized, subject to applicable state law, to solicit and accept voluntary contributions, to expend such contributions to further the support and election of candidates for elective public office in Florida whose views, voting records, or positions indicate a favorable orientation toward some or all of these purposes, and to do such other things consistent with the foregoing and with Florida law.

The Committee is also empowered to make contributions, within limits approved by Florida law, to candidates and other committees supporting candidates or issues in the State of Florida. All contributions and expenditures are accessible by the public via this website.



Abby Dupree, Treasurer
2640A Mitcham Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32308
Ph: (850) 877-1099


Denise Grimsley